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Our Main Purpose:

The main aim of Tandem Training is to provide leadership development, the emphasis being on the development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is in line with the latest research, which shows the following:

Cognitive intelligence (IQ) determines 15% of the success of leaders, whilst emotional intelligence (EQ) accounts for 85%.
Research over the past five years shows that top performing leaders in companies display 21 competencies, 18 being emotional intelligence, and only 3 IQ competencies.
A leader’s mood/emotion has public consequences: the overall positive mood of top management leads to better business results; the mood of a manager, whether this is positive or negative, will impact positively or negatively on his direct reports within two hours.
Companies can no longer ignore the necessity of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: New Yardstick for Success in the business world and your life!

When Daniel Goleman published “Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why it can matter more than IQ” in 1995, using the phrase “the new yardstick for success”, this generated an incredible amount of interest in the role that emotional intelligence can play in business, as well as in our daily lives. There were, however, a number of people who were concerned that this was just a new fad!

Firstly, this is not a new concept, although it was only coined in 1990 by Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer. Secondly, sufficient research has now been conducted that proves the importance of emotional intelligence on success in the workplace, marriage, relationships, personal mastery, and physical well-being.

Tandem Training

What is emotional intelligence?

It is an array of non-cognitive abilities, competencies and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed in coping with the environmental demands and pressures. Emotional intelligence thus refers to the non-cognitive dimensions of intelligence such as personal, social, emotional, innovative, and survival skills.


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