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Emotional Intelligence is the new yardstick for success in the business world and your life!

Emotional Intelligence is an array of non-cognitive abilities, competencies and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed in coping with the environmental demands and pressures. Emotional intelligence thus refers to the non-cognitive dimensions of intelligence such as personal, social, emotional, innovative, and survival skills.

As organisations diminish in size, the people who remain behind are more accountable and more visible. These people have to interact more widely with peers, subordinates and customers. They not only have to become more adept at handling relationships, but must also be able to deal with feelings and influence those around them in a more efficient manner.  

The multi-cultural work climate in South Africa adds to the dynamics involved in co-ordinating working relationships. In short, emotional intelligence has never been more important for South African workers than it is right now. It is the single biggest factor that will determine success in a multicultural work environment.

Research Facts

  • Emotional Intelligence accounts for 85% of leadership success.

  • 18 of 21 competencies needed for top performing leaders are EI competencies.

  • Employees who developed EI are up to 12 times more productive than their low EQ counterparts.

  • 63% reduction in sales staff turnover for those who attended EI courses.

  • 74% of top performers were high in EQ while only 24% of low performers were high in EI.

  • Emotional intelligence explained nearly 60% of job performance across companies in the study.

Research clearly shows that Emotional Intelligence is an overwhelmingly more important and critical factor determining employee success than IQ.

Learn the components and techniques of EQ to improve your success.

This EQ workshop is intended to deliver the fundamental techniques involved in developing emotional intelligence. The course is intended for individuals who are not going through the Phase 1 and 2 of the Leadership Development Programs and is a summarized version of the extended ‘Phase 1’ course.

The course covers the following components:

  • Personal mastery and self-leadership.
  • Creating an environment for creativity and innovation.
  • Communicating with emotional intelligence.
  • Managing emotions in response to stress in everyday life.
  • Stress management techniques.
  • Biological impact of emotional intelligence techniques.

Aim of the Tandem Training process:

To develop the emotional and psychological competencies of individuals to effectively grow their Emotional Intelligence and optimal functioning in all areas of life.

"In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels”.

Daniel Goleman

EQ Team Effort
EQ Meeting

The approach is scientific and holistic

Four components make up the approach for developing Emotional Intelligence and they are facilitated over a three day process:

  1. Assessment: Identification of each delegate’s stressors including monitoring of the heart rate variability and the physiological levels of stress.

  2. Feedback: Group feedback about psychological barriers restricting optimal stress management.

  3. Training: The latest research on Emotional Intelligence is presented with the emphasis on practical techniques for regulating emotions, growing positivity and developing self-esteem.

  4. Development Plans: Each individual makes a commitment to a 21-day contract and is assigned a buddy to assist the transition into daily functioning and promote prolonged implementation.

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