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Tandem Training uses The Excelebrate Process©, a specialised approach to Organisational Development (OD) and Team Coaching which targets Managerial Teams. The process develops the operational functioning of management teams, bridging the operational gap between the organisational strategy and daily implementation. The outcomes are an increase in productivity and reduced operating costs.

The Excelebrate Process is revolutionising the OD and Management Development industry in South Africa by having clearly measurable outcomes which impact on the bottom line. These outcomes can be tracked and calculated for easy and direct measurement of ROI. It has a real time impact on the operating processes in the organisation, with many business units being turned around within 3 months of first contact.

The process begins with the Senior Management Team and is rolled out through different departments and business units to effect organisation wide change. It will take your Organisation and Management Teams to a new level of operational performance by overcoming blocks to productivity and factors causing unnecessary operational costs.

Management Team


“In all my 30 years of doing various management and other training programs I never would have believed it was possible to get so much out of two days.”

(Chris Scott, Sales Director, Wella SA)

“It is an extremely interactive process, which I believe to be the most successful that I have been on.”

(Mark Maiden, Finance Director, Merchant West)

“The Excelebrate process has delivered results beyond our expectation.”

(Phillip Erasmus, CEO, Air Mercy Service)

“These are one of the few programs which are designed to and actually DO change behaviours, attitudes and performance.”

(Lorraine Coughlan, HR Manager, Minova RSA)


“Most of what we call management makes it difficult for people to get their jobs done”

(Peter Drucker)

The Excelebrate Process©

Three major components make up the process. Together they focus each individual on what they must do to create lasting change in their area of responsibility in relation to the teams overall objectives:

  1. Attitude Change – teams are taken through a motivational process which gives them a reason to desire change. This acts as a springboard from which to launch into the fast pace of the process and re-sets the emotional climate of the team.

  2. Skills Development - essential management  and leadership philosophies are presented. These challenge the paradigms of delegates and adds to their previous knowledge and experience.

  3. Organisational Development - key issues blocking productivity and profitability are extracted from the group using an anonymous process. Strategies for overcoming these factors are then created through team and individual action plans. The individual action plans are presented to the rest of the group for accountability.

The process is structured like a training program. So companies get the full benefit of an OD and Team Coaching process while still being able to claim back from the skills development levy.

Management Team Working

The time investment for your management team

The First Contact: an initial three-day contact session where the management teams are taken through the process.

The Second Contact: a follow up day 3 months later revisiting the process and presenting individual objectives.

The Third Contact: the managers are coached towards facilitating their own follow up days going forward.

LDP - Group of people

Three main distinctions make it successful…

  • The approach has been developed and refined with hundreds of management teams over the past 18 years.
  • The facilitators are qualified psychologists who specialise in Management and Leadership Development.
  • The measurability of the impact of this process is built into the system by having public  measurable outcomes which must be achieved before the follow up day

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